Client #1 Teacher / Club Hockey Player

Legs feeling brilliant today. Much looser. Genuinely good massage.

Client #2 IT Project Manager / Triathlete

Anatomical knowledge and understanding throughout the treatment was really reassuring, you quickly got to the bottom of the cause - not just treated the symptom! I left feeling totally informed and with much more movement & less pain. Best massage I've ever experienced with plenty of useful tips - Thanks!

Client #3 8m Pregnant Mum-To-Be

Last night was the first night in over two months (!) where I wasn't painfully aching. And I went to bed without pain-killers. Thank you! And I felt great today as well, definitely returning for another massage.

Client #4 PT Instructor

That massage on my neck .... UNREAL... so much more movement and less pain now. Felt great - thank you!

Client #5 Client recovering from Breast Cancer

I really enjoyed the massage and felt really good afterwards. It definitely helped to have some 'me' time.