About Me

I'm Nicola Roberts,

A sports massage therapist, based in Cirencester.

Sports massage works with the skin, fascia, muscle and connective tissues through pressure and movement. It softens, lengthens or stretches soft tissue, thereby increasing the range of movement within soft tissue structures, which can lead to greater flexibility and ease of movement.

The effects of sports massage can release soft tissue tension, relieve stiffness, decrease muscle spasms, release restrictions and soften and realign scar issue and loosen up adhesions, helping to restore optimal function. By releasing tension and restrictions in soft tissue, using myofascial release, myofascial cupping, soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques, it can help to re-establish a balance in muscle function where needed and increase mobility and flexiblity, ultimately reducing stress on joints.

Trained in pregnancy massage, and combining this with skill and experience from sports massage and knowledge of the anatomy, I can provide a nurturing treatment working either on a specific area or the whole body to relieve muscle and joint pain - either as a result of muscle injury/dysfunction or the additional pressure pregnancy can cause. This treatment will work through areas of tension, reduce swelling, improve circulation and mobility.

Services that I provide


Full Postural and Range of Movement Assessment

Event Treatment

Pre/Post Event Massage


Sports massage

Pregnancy Massage

Coming Soon

Athletic Taping

How much I charge

Sports & Pregnancy Massage

£ 35 /hr
  • Postural and Range of Movement Assesstment
  • Bespoke Sports Massage
  • Pre/Post Event Massage
  • Pregnancy Massage
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