Client #1

Dear Nicola Following my recent appointment with you for my neck and back massage, I thought I should let you know how much better I am and continuing to do the exercises you recommended. The whole experience from your very friendly welcome, the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere and your professionalism made me feel very special. Thank you.

Client #2 IT Project Manager / Triathlete

Anatomical knowledge and understanding throughout the treatment was really reassuring, you quickly got to the bottom of the cause - not just treated the symptom! I left feeling totally informed and with much more movement & less pain. Best massage I've ever experienced with plenty of useful tips - Thanks!

Client #3 8m Pregnant Mum-To-Be

Last night was the first night in over two months (!) where I wasn't painfully aching. And I went to bed without pain-killers. Thank you! And I felt great today as well, definitely returning for another massage.

Client #4 PT Instructor

That massage on my neck .... UNREAL... so much more movement and less pain now. Felt great - thank you!

Client #5 Client recovering from Breast Cancer

I really enjoyed the massage and felt really good afterwards. It definitely helped to have some 'me' time.