Posted by Nicola on 16th April, 2017 in the Blog.

Marathon Running - top tips to get to the start line...

I'm seeing more clients who are prepping for the 2017 London Marathon. My top tips:

  1. get nutrition sorted - fuel properly all day every day. Don't forget to take fuel with you on long runs! If you can't digest on the run - hydrate with water and electrolyte tablets (eg. Nunn)
  2. stay healthy - avoid colds by taking extra supplement - whatever works for you - berrocca/echinacea/multi vitamin
  3. work on your core - your core muscles keep you upright, you have to stay upright for 26miles - so it needs to be strong!
  4. keep mobile - warm down, stretch, have sports massages - whatever works for you, but keep your whole body moving - don't let any part of it have a niggle
  5. 80:20 rule..... We can't all do 100% all the time, so, aim for 80% you'll be fine. Be kind to yourself.